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almost 4 years ago

First Two Awards Announced! Next Saturday (Oct 10) for Final Presentation and Awards

Dear Big Data Hackathon Participants,

Thank you so much for your great presentations and wonderful proposals today!  The Judge Panel has announced the first two awards:

  • Award winner for the Most Innovative Proposal Ideas: Water Savers $200
  • Award winner for the Strongest Teamwork: My Bodyguard! $200

The final project submission deadline is October 9 (Friday) at 12pm) at the Github.

Nine Teams have entering the second round of competition:

  1. Paragon
  4. Shinja
  5. My Bodyguard!
  6. Water Savers
  7. Team Dozier
  8. Stranger Danger
  9. Crime Analysis

We will follow up with each team about the detail submission guideline for your final projects ASAP.




SDSU Big Data Hackathon Team