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almost 4 years ago

Team, Proposal Submission and Judging Criteria

Dear Big Data Hackathon Participants,

Really excited to meet you today in [Big Data for San Diego] Hackathon. Here are some updates for the Event:

  1. Slides:
    Today's slides are all updated on our Github website ( Please check it out these great presentations.
  1. Your Teams and Presentation Schedule (SECOND TAB in the Spreadsheet):

Please go to the above link to make sure your team name and team members are all listed. If someone is missing, please email Amy and let her know. ( Also please be prepared to present for 3 minutes tomorrow with 10 minutes for Q&A during the judging time on 10/4.

  1. Proposal Submission by Oct 04 (Sunday), 10:30AM (PDF or PPT files):
    Please create your project page on DevPost to introduce your project and list your team members ASAP. The judges will depend on the following items to choose the best teamwork award and the most innovative proposal ideas.
  • The most innovative proposal ideas
    • The project provides a better / faster / clearer way to attack a problem.
    • The project tackles a problem that has been overlooked / ignored in the past.
    • The problem with a new angle / on a bigger scale / on a higher level.
    • The project attacks a new problem and provides a good solution.
  • The best teamwork
    • How much each member contributed to the project.
    • How team members form the project idea.
    • How team members delegate tasks throughout the week (For example, using any project management tools).
  1. Final Project Submission: All Teams who submitted the proposals will be qualified for the next round competition on Oct 10 presentations. Please submit your final project (including presentations and prototypes) by Oct 09 (Friday) at 12pm (noon).  The final team presentation will be on Oct 10 (Saturday) at 9:30AM (6 minutes for each team).  The final awards will be announced at 11:30am on Oct 10.

If you have any specific questions, email Calvin ( Sincerely,

SDSU Big Data Hackathon Team