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almost 4 years ago

Team Formation Info and the Bowling PARTY Tomorrow (Friday)!

Dear SDSU Big Data Hackathon Registered Participants,

Please check your previous email for the detail information about the Friday Bowling Party (only for registered participants).

<Team Formation>

We have created the preliminary Teams for our participants. Please view the following Google Sheet and find out your team members (with team numbers).  You are welcome to modify or adjust your teams.  If you don’t want to be assigned into a team, please email ASAP.   We also assigned a temporary Leader in each team. You are welcome to modify or change the leader or other items on Friday evening or on Saturday morning.

There are THREE THEMES in our Hackathon Event:

Your team can utilize our available OPEN DATA and TOOLS to create Web App or Mobile App or Projects for this Hackathon event.

If you have any specific questions, please use the Discussion Forum to post your questions or email Calvin ( We look forward to seeing you soon!


SDSU Big Data Hackathon Team