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almost 4 years ago

Important Update about Big Data Hackathon at SDSU

Dear Hackathon Registered Participants,

We are looking forward to seeing you in a week! This email has some important information about the upcoming event:

1) Our official Hackathon Schedule has been posted on our website, please review it to be aware:

2) We will send you the Parking Permit next week (three days before the Hackathon Day, Oct 03) and the detailed information about our social Bowling event on Oct 2 (Fri) from 8:30pm – 10:00pm on the SDSU campus.  This bowling party will be a great opportunity to meet with your team members or look for new team members.

3) Now is a good time to form your team by connecting with other participants (go to the DEVPOST site ) You can send an individual person a private message or make an announcement in your personal profile (check the box “I’m looking for teammates” and tell what roles you can play for the hackathon, such as: #Developer, #Idea Creator, #Communicator, #Journalist, #Marketing, #Data Designer, #Graph / User Interface Designer, #GIS Mapper, #Entropreneur. 

Once you formalize a team, please email us  and tell us the name of your team and your team members by September 30.  You can also create a discussion group for your own team (  There is no limitation of team members. It could be a single person team, or a 5 people team, or a 10 people team.

If you don’t have a team yet before September 30, don’t worry! We will help assign you to a team and notify you before Friday’s social event.

4) We will have refreshments throughout the days of the Hackathon so don’t worry about bringing your own food or beverages.

5) Do make sure to bring your laptop and charger as we will have outlets in the venue space for you to plugin and work but we will not have computers on hand to loan so you will need to bring your own computer.

6) If you know of any friends that may want to participate, please pass along the website url – there is still time to register!

If you have any specific questions, please use the Discussion Forum to post your questions or email to Calvin ( We look forward to seeing you soon!


SDSU Big Data Hackathon Team