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almost 7 years ago

Challenging Questions for San Diego Big Data Hackathon

Key Themes: water conservation, disaster response, and crime monitoring.

  1. Water Conservation and Drought:


  1. Disaster Response and Assistance
  • In what ways can Californians be informed and be able to mobilize when the next disaster happens?
  • How can we provide and share useful information for our local community during and after the disaster events (wildfires, floods, and earthquakes)? (like Craigslist services?)
  • Where are the available shelters or local assistance center (LAC) for my family during disaster events? How long will it take for my family to move to the nearby shelters during the disaster?


  1. Crime Monitoring and Analysis:
  • How can Californians know about the various crimes in their neighborhoods and how to curate and share this information?
  • What are the major crime activities in my neighborhood recently (last two weeks)?
  • Compared to last month or last year, will my neighborhood crime rate increase or decrease?
  • Is it safe to go out in the late evening in my areas? When did the most crime activities happen in my area?